ADM 5104 State and Society in Europe

Middle East Technical University

Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

      ADM.5104 State and Society in Europe

Spring 2013

Instructor: Dr. Galip Yalman


Course Outline and the Reading List

This course is intended to familiarise the students with the models of state-economy and state-capital-labour relations in the advanced capitalist systems of Europe. After a brief methodological introduction to different schools of comparative political economy and/or comparative politics, the emphasis will be on the three models of European capitalist development: 1) The Anglo-Saxon model of market-led capitalism with an emphasis on Britain, 2) the Continental market economies (Germany and France), while the students can write their term papers on the others as well, namely, 3) Southern European cases (Greece and Italy), 4) the Scandinavian cases, 5) Eastern European cases, if they wish to do so. All cases will be approached through a historical perspective. Within this framework, the course will look at the key institutional structures of industrial relations, and their relation to the welfare state, and how the processes of globalisation and European integration are producing changes in each of these models.



A Methodological Introduction to Alternative Schools of Political Economy


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II. The Rise and Demise of the Welfare State


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III. From Organised Capitalism to Neoliberal Hegemony



Restructuring of the State


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ii) Changing nature of Capital-Labour Relations


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iii) Features of Neoliberal Hegemony


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IV.Models of Capitalist Development


i) British Case

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   ii) German Model


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iii) French Dirigisme in Transition


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VIII) Crises in Europe


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