ADM 5139 - Authority, Power and Social Structure


Middle East Technical University

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Department of Political and Public Administration

2012-2013 Academic Year

Spring Semester


ADM 5139 Authority, Power and Social Structure

 Inst: Assoc.Prof.  Dr. Fahriye Üstüner



I. A Brief History of the Public-Private distinction (5 weeks)


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II. Public Realm as a Sphere of Sociability (1 week)


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III. Public Sphere and Democracy (7 weeks)


 A) Politics of Difference and the Public Sphere


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  B) The Role of the Religion in the Public Sphere  


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IV. General Evaluation (1 week)


Rancierè, J., Disagreement: Politics and Philosophy. (Trans. Julia Rose) University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis-London, 1999.