Last Updated:
24/01/2024 - 02:36

At METU, International student mobility programmes, namely Erasmus+ European Mobility, Erasmus+ EU Traineeship, Erasmus+ Non-European Mobility (ICM), Overseas Exchange Programme and Mevlana Exchange Programme, are administered by the METU International Cooperations Office. For all the administrative procedures and requirements, the students can consult METU International Cooperations Office at


The Department of Political Science and Public Administration has two specific conditions regarding the Erasmus+ European Mobility and Erasmus+ Non-European Mobility (ICM) that all the undergraduate students should consider:


1. The first-year undergraduate students are not allowed to apply. In other words, the mobility activity cannot take place at the second year of the undergraduate programme.


2. Courses taken during the mobility activity can only be classified as "department elective" or "free elective" courses upon the student's return to METU; they cannot be considered as "must" courses.


The full and updated list of all the Erasmus+ European Partner Universities can be found at the following ICO webpage: